Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update to Paleo Challenge - Day 10

This is what I am living by....all this work...all these changes...they WILL pay off!!! NEVER give up!!

Paleo - it's really not as bad as I thought it was going to be; however, I really really miss my diet coke! I could totally go for some ice cream too! haha! It sounds like it's harder then it is for me.  I think I had a good shot for it already because I already did not eat grains really, I mean if I was out I may have french fries or bread but it was not something I kept in my house.  What I am learning is the beauty of food prep and being prepared.  I can honestly tell you I feel 100% better and it's only day 10.  I feel very awake in the mornings - I don't struggle to get out of bed.  I feel steady through the day with my energy. Clearly last week with my 3 PRs I felt a heck of a lot stronger too!!

So - if you missed my post, this past Sunday I coached my group through (most of them their first) the Rock'n'Roll Philly Half Marathon.  They did a FABULOUS job! Saturday afternoon at work I kind of got slammed and all of a sudden did not feel well at all.  Struggled to sleep Saturday night and Sunday morning was a little tough to get going, but I did it.  Alycia, Justin and Jill all talked to me about having a sweet potato race morning.  I was totally all for it until Saturday when the thought of running 13.1 miles with something I hadn't done on a long run. So I cheated.  I went non-Paleo and had a bagel. I am really glad I did too! I told everyone on CrossFit Aspire's blog - and most understood.  As Alycia said to me this morning "you don't want to change stuff race morning" and as many runs and tris as I've done I knew that.  However, when I decided to have my beer post race - that was stupid.  I let myself do it because I didn't feel well.  I gave my excuse as "I just ran 13.1 miles". That was dumb.  I could have not had (though it really was AMAZINGLY refreshing). I've gone out a million times without drinking.  It doesn't bother me, but for some reason that day I really wanted my beer. So I did. And life went on and I learned and moving on.

Monday - I woke up feeling MISERABLE - went to the doc - turned out I had a sinus infection and a ear infection. YAY meds!! Feeling better today, but CrossFit killed me this morning. We did thrusters and Jackie.  I did Jackie Rx for weight, but damn if it didn't have pull-ups in it! I HATE pull-ups! I don't seem to get better at all!!! But doing CrossFit while sick was a challenge. Hopefully tomorrow is better!

This week I am having some awesome food.... Paleo Meatloaf

I sauteed up some squash, onions and zucchini to go with it...

 I also made Chicken fajitas and a veggie mix of red pepper, green pepper and some onion. I then add some homemade guac on top -- AMAZING!!

So - that's it for the Paleo update -- I eat the same thing for pretty much all week! Makes it easy and quick to prep!! I'm having Banana Bread for breakfast this week because I needed something I could take my meds with.  I tried with eggs and didn't feel so hot. Feel WAY better today!!

Oh - and Football is back - and my BUCKEYES are looking decent.  Not as good as I hoped, but good none the less! My BENGALS on the other hand...not so hot!

That's all for today! Enjoy your day!

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