Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dollface is Running a 5K with ME!!

So, fantastic weekend in the books. Pretty good week last week too!! School is going fabulously! I'm thankful everyday to have a job I love so much - even on the stressful days! :) Finally ordered myself a Road Id - it's fabulous :) Beautiful pink and the size is perfect. Very comfortable on my wrist too!
Friday I was a bum and slept 12 hours.  It was glorious. This sinus/ear infection has been kicking my butt so felt good to be a bum after working both jobs and just sleep. Plus sleeping in Saturday am and waking up to the girls snuggled up was great too!

Saturday was just a me day. Cleaned the apt.  Trying to reorganize my life and apt. I have a lot of stuff that I really need just do away with. In this process I also set up my fall decorations. I miss having dinner and/or themed parties and game nights back in my TN apt and college days! I love that kind of stuff. Saturday night I stepped out a bit for Fanning's birthday - love that girl!! River deck was fun :)

Today was a brunch of sorts with my half marathon crew from Fleet Feet Marlton. I had a blast! I'm hoping to see/train with some of them now for other races - we for sure have the Run the Bridge in November. After that is was a nap that called me and therefore I missed my friend Gina's baby shower. However the good news is we already have a rain check for October. :) Wifey came over and grocery shopped with me then I made some banging wings and sauteed squash and red cabbage!
Now for the super awesome news!! Dollface has been doing the couch to 5K program - and this week she came in and I fit her for shoes. In the process I had been telling her about the Run the Vineyards Fall Trail 5K at our favorite local vineyard and she AGREED!!!! I am sooooo proud of her and all her hard work! Can't wait to run with her :)

I love sharing my passion for running with others! First Cuzzo, then Ush, now Dollface and GF & Dan are on board too :)

Great times! Good friends! I'm very blessed :)



  1. So I wrote up this comment and my stupid work computer erased it! Grrr anyway I'm super bummed I didn't stick with the C25k like I was supposed to so I could be doing this 5k with you too but I'm so proud of Ash for sticking with it!! I'm going to restart the whole program when I get back from vaca so that'll have me done at the end of November. Hopefully there's one we can do around then?

    Ps. Your road Id is super cute!

    1. Sounds PERFECT!! We can do the Jingle Bell run :) It's super fun and we can dress up!!! You'll rock it! Tell me the days you're going to be running and I'll keep you in check! Love you GF!

      P.S. THANKS :)