Sunday, September 9, 2012

30 Day Paleo Challenge -- Getting ready for week 1

So - This weekend has been FABULOUS!! Got through the first week of school and it was awesome.  I am seriously so STOKED for this year! Between the awesome job I am blessed to have, to CrossFit Aspire and the amazing people I have gotten to know AND my running world!
Well...Drafted my first ever Fantasy Football team (I've played but never drafted). I'll keep you posted on that haha...

....I had an amazing WOD and thanks to my CF Aspire crew got through it -- it was Venom 2 which means it was 30-20-10 Thrusters, Burpees and wallballs (10lbs.).  DEAD! My quads hurt before that evening haha. Found this cool pic --

After the WOD - I went home and showered/ate then headed back to Aspire for the nutrition talk and to get information for the 30 day Paleo Challenge.  I was nervous, but it seems that I can totally do it! Before the chat started, there was this.... 
...Saturday after the talk, Jill came over and helped "clean" out my fridge then took me shopping for good foods.  After that, my Buckeyes played and WON that afternoon.  Saturday night = getting to see one of my favorite ladies, LC.  We went out to dinner (my last meal...ahahaha) and then watched a movie and relaxed. The girls snuggled themselves up in between and next to us. Scarlet was between me and LC and LD was next to her....
Today was a beautiful 5.2 mile run with Lauren from the Half Marathon Group from Fleet Feet Marlton (yesterday was cancelled thanks to a threat of thunder). We are a WEEK out from Rock'n'Roll Philly!! I can't wait!!  After that - it was the first Sunday of  NFL! I LOVE football! While I watched...Heather came over for some Paleo help. After she left, I prepared my food for the week....
...yes, it looks amazing!! I can't WAIT to eat this week!!!  I will keep you posted on the challenge.

And just for fun (sorry for the language) but this made me giggle for a good 10-15 minutes because I know someone who this sums up his life :)

haha ok - NIGHT loves


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  1. Are you going to post the recipes or just tease us with pictures?