Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rock'n'Roll Philly Half Marathon

So today was the day!! We have been training for what seems like forever, but the BIG day was finally here. My Fleet Feet Marlton half marathon group ROCKED the half!!!
Here are all us coaches - Joel, me & Mike. And guess who else showed up...
Shahin ran the half too!!! It was SO great to catch up with him and get to see him.
Here are all our ladies before the race -- Sweaty Bands was awesome and helped me hook my girls up!! They are the BEST bands out there, so definitely check them out!!
Here is Jen, Lauren and I before the race. It was Lauren's first half and she FINISHED!!! I am SUPER proud of her and there were a lot of first timers in our group. They did so well!!
Here I am after with me sweet medal :)
Mike & I after the race.
Jen & I after too :)
Bed time :)

Update on Paleo challenge tomorrow :)



  1. That's so awesome that Shahin came up to run. There's only one guy who wears those pink socks.

    1. Yea, It was REALLY good to see him!! I miss my FFK crew :(