Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 1 DONE :)

Day 1 was success!!!  I started my day with...

..egg cups -- per my buddy Leah..here is what I did. First, I sautéed the vegetables I put in the bottom. As they were cooking, I put coconut oil on the sides and bottoms of my cupcake pan. Next, I wrapped a piece of bacon around each cup. When my veggies were done, I scooped a spoonfull into the bottoms of each cup. After that, I cracked one egg into each cup. Then I backed them at 400 till they looked done.
Lunch - my chicken salad (with Paleo Mayo from my Well Fed cookbook) and applesauce.
Snack - apple after school then banana about 2 hours later
Dinner - I had shredded beef with a sauce I made using the paleo mayo and some herbs, sweet potato and corn (ok *edit* this is day 2 and I just realized corn is NOT paleo, so I messed up on day 1...sad day...good thing its day 2 and I'm back!)!!

The bonus was my super sweet dinner date...

...I LOVE the days I get to keep her :)

I still remember where I was 11years ago today - I will always remember those lives cut short and the heroes that arose. My thoughts and prayers to all those whose lives were forever changed that day! We will NEVER forget!


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