Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goals Anyone?

It's that time of year - SCHOOL IS BACK!! Honestly, I couldn't be more excited.  I am truly BLESSED to love my job as much as I do, and to get to work with some fantastic people on a regular basis. Today was the first day - which meant lots of meeting and MAJOR fidgets for this girl! haha. I am looking forward to what this year brings.

The plus side is I started it out right but doing CrossFit in the AM! Woot woot! That is me tooting my own horn. Two reasons for it too -- 1. I got up and started the day in a fantastic way. AND 2. I did my FIRST ever Rx WOD!!! I did Fight Gone Bad-ish like it was said.  Not a major WOD, but I am still stoked! I also PR'ed my push press today!! :)

This weekend...
Labor Day Weekend was awesome! Spent time with the family at the beach - Cape May to be exact! Couple fun things --

1 --> Made my first ever OWN cup of joe :)
2 --> Got to see my Dollface <3 p="p">
3 --> Got to hang with Mama Dukes :)

4 --> Had mimosas on the beach = HEAVEN

5 --> Mama Dukes found me some Ohio State gear in NJ

6 --> And last - Cuzzo got himself a Buckeye towel so NOW we MATCH! wootwoot!
It was a fantastic way to end my summer.  I haven't been able to do a lot this summer in terms of beach trips or relaxing time, so I totally enjoyed and soaked it up.  The weather wasn't the best, but it was very relaxing and we all had a really good time! 
Ok...an August goals recap (bc I pretty much sucked haha) ....
Recap --
 1.Run at least 21 mi. ending 8/5. 25 ending 8/12. 28 ending 8/19. 30 by 8/26. 28 by 9/2. The first two weeks of this were shot because of my achilles but my last two were on point!
 2.Go to yoga twice a week I (sadly enough) did not make a SINGLE class this month and until Aspire brings it back...I won't be able to as I quit LA.
 3.Try simply Nicole's HIIT running workout. Not yet....
4.Do an abs workout everyday and include a plank! Try to get up to 2:30 by end of August. I got up to 1:45....didn't do it every day...have to work on my core....

 1.Go to church at least 3 of the 4 Sundays. Nope :(
 2.Stop letting myself eat poorly. Getting better....
 3.Work on my Paleo diet and eating habits.  Getting better....
 4.Lose weight (not setting a goal weight - just weight) Down 1.2.....

 1.Write a post every day. MAJOR fail...didn't think about vacay and not having Internet....
So...with that being said....September please be kind :)

 1.Run at least 4 days a week.
 2.Go to CrossFit 3 days on 1 day off (may flux first two weeks of month due to HM program)
 3.Rock the Philly Rock'n'Roll half marathon.
4.Squat September -- started with 5...adding 5 every day! Goal is 150 by end!

 1.Go to church at least 2 of the 4 Sundays.
 2.Be working on the 30 day Paleo challenge through the gym.
 3.Be more social

 1.Write a post at least every other day.

Ok -

Fantasy Football draft is over....Night!

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