Monday, August 20, 2012

Do It For You

So, from if you read my last post (here) you may get that people may be stressing me out. They are, but not all of it is bad stress (is there really such a thing as good stress??). I really do have some awesome people in my life who push me and encourage me.  I have twitter friends that push me and always check in and see how things are going (Jeris, Andrew, my whole plank crew, etc.). I have friends who I've known for years that support me and encourage me (Sandy, Fam, Christa, Court, Tessa, etc.).  I want them to know that I really appreciate it.

3 months into CrossFit -- I'm hooked.  As of this week I am moving to an unlimited package and plan to go 3 days on 1 day off. I want to get stronger, faster and healthier.  I am not in it to become "skinnier", I do NOT want to lose my curves and I don't think I'm going crazy.  I think I have found the one thing I have been missing in my life since softball is over.

This post isn't amazing or super exciting.  It's really more for me to thank those who love me, support me and want me to be the best me I can be, even if at times they don't get it!  I've been told I'm starting to help people make some changes for themselves.  AWESOME!! That's why I share this awesome life changing adventure...just it for YOU :)

Now back to researching more Paleo ideas -- 30 day Paleo challenge starts in 2 weeks --> semi nervous :)



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