Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stressing Life...

We all have it.  Days that feel like nothing can go right.  Today was that day for me.  Funny too, because today really wasn't that bad.  But I got to talking to my mother about my budget and finances which always send me over the TOP!  I sometimes feel as though all I do is work.  Between both jobs, it can be slightly overwhelming.  Now don't get me wrong -- I love BOTH my jobs; however, sometimes there are days you just need a break.

I am sick of feeling like I am never catching up.  I have really got to buckle down and get smarter with my spending habits and goals.  I need to make a better determination between wants vs. needs.  I need to realize obtainable goals and ones that need to wait till I have a little more cushion in my life.  The end of 2012 seems to be bringing some awesome changes in my life....getting more financial savvy seems to be on the list too (as well as not stressing as much haha) :)

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