Sunday, August 12, 2012

Road Trip to Rocky Top


So yes, August goals are pretty shot; however, this month has been pretty good!! Between the issues with my achilles, I took the rest of this week after Monday's sucky CF attempt off.

Wednesday I drove the 10.5 hours to Tennessee. Scarlet & LD. Scarlet loves car rides.

They are really good in the car together (or anywhere really). We made good time and I was excited to get in and see my babes!! My Tankette wasn't super happy to see me at first, but warmed up quickly.

She has gotten SO big! It was crazy to see her and Tank. They are growing so fast. Definitely the hardest part of being 10 hours away.

Thursday night I went out with some friends which was nice!! Always love when I get to see my TN loves!!

Friday was very relaxed. Hung with my SIL and the babies. DJNyceOne and I went and saw The Amazing Spiderman. It was fantastic. It was more dynamic then the old ones. And the guy who played Spiderman this time was awesome. That night I stayed in with the SIL and just got caught up.

Saturday started with a 5K in Maryville with my Fleet Feet Knoxville.

There is me pre race! BFFAW took it bc she was happy to see me. I ran with her and some other NoBo ladies.

It was a nice race!! Good to see so many people. I knew I missed my FFK family, but I really really do.

Me and BFFAW after the race. Then under is me & Tank when I got home. He was ready for his birthday party :)

His party was a good time. Bowing with the family and his friends :)

Me & my Tankette

Me & my Tank

My Broski, my SIL and my babies!

Poppop & Tank bowling at the same time :)

Austin's birthday cake :)

Today started with 8 hilly miles & this awesome view

KS, Banken & I ran the 8 mile loop. Was great to have friends to run with and catch up.

My KS and me :)

KS, Banken, Cheryl & I

KS & me again :) this girl is one of my favorite people. I honestly miss our chats, movie dates, etc.

That's all for now!

xoxo ~ Melissa

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