Sunday, August 5, 2012

I've Got Friends In Low Places

So much for August goals - haha! I wanted to blog every day, but missed Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  My bad ya'll! Short little recap --

Thursday - started my day with some CrossFit action.  I really like being able to go in the morning and get it out of the way! The group was small, but the WOD was KILLER!! Run & Row combo; however, I did better then I thought I would have done so that is a plus :) Then I worked at Fleet Feet all day.  It was a great day at the store so that's a plus!! Plus we got new store shoes from the Nike Rep - LOVE my Vomeros! Never will get to run in them as they kill my achilles but for the store - YES!
So now the reason I didn't blog Thursday...I got home and crashed.  I was asleep by 8 and slept the whole night. I woke up at about 12:30 and got off the couch.  I knocked out my #PlankADay and went back to bed! haha lame I know - I just kept saying
Friday - started the same (ps three cheers for three days in a row for CrossFit!!), with my awesome crew at CrossFit.  Justin was coaching and we worked on overhead squats -- I put up 65# so I was very proud of myself.  The WOD included pull ups and I can't even remotely get close to one.  Was suppose to be 21-15-9 but he told me to do 15-10-5, AND I had to use the black band :( Have to figure out how to get better at those!  After that - I went with Chels for mani/pedis and to relax. Worked the afternoon at Fleet Feet w/Issac.  After work I went home and napped for about 30 minutes.  Stepped out for a bit to see some of the Jersey crew then went and crashed.
Saturday was FABULOUS day!! Knocked out a beautiful 8 miles! Temp wise was perfect for a run, but the humidity made it looked like I just got out of the pool --

After that - I had to work all day with Issac, Steve & Rob.  Good day! I LOVE my Fleet Feet boys!! Again, came home and crashed again.  13 hours.  I'm getting some blood work done this week so I'm ready for that and to figure out what is wrong with me. Mom was up and I was hoping to go to AC with her, but apparently my body would rather be asleep 13 hours...maybe why I'm still single haha!

Today is Sunday. Mom didn't get back to me in time, so Jill talked me into going to our box's (CrossFit Aspire) run club.  Felt great to stretch out my legs, especially after yesterday. 3x800m as fast as could.  Goal was to hold it within 5 seconds of each other. Yea, I'm not there yet, but working on it! We also did a wallball shuttle run - it was fun and the guys on our team would good about me being a little slower lol. Slow is better then nothing though right :)
After that I went to the Phillies game with Ro & her family! It was BRUTALLY hot, but thankfully our seats were in the shade and we had a pretty sweet breeze so once we were in for the game I was good to go!
I cheated and had some ice cream at the game, and it was SO worth it! After the game I meet my friend Gina for a later lunch/early dinner at Panera.  She lives about 40 minutes the other way from the city so we meet about half way.  It was great to see her and catch up.  We worked together at my first job at OMS. She is preggos and due end of October/early November and I couldn't be more excited for her.  Her and her hubs are just amazing people.  I am anxious for her to see where she goes from here :)

TrueBlood just ended (yes I am OBSESSED) and I am SHOCKED at how this season is going! Each week leaves me ITCHING to see the next...not sure what I'm going to do next Sunday in TN with no HBO...have to figure that out haha! Maybe mom's hotel will have it:)


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