Sunday, August 19, 2012

End Of An Era

Knoxville. Good 'old Rocky Top. It's my home. It's the longest place I ever called home. Yet, lately it's different every time I go. I know right now, Knoxville is not home. I miss my family that is there, my friends and my Fleet Feet Knoxville family, probably more then they know. It may become my home one day, but only time will tell!!

The end of my trip was fabulous. Lots of time with friends and family -- dinner with Sarah & Paul one night, Travis another, the crew another. Lots of catching up and fun. The dinner with my crew on Wednesday -- LOVE them.  They are my biggest fans and best supports.  They don't always get why I run or skip nights out to be ready to get up for a run or CrossFit, but they always support me.  I honestly wish they were closer.  I need more of that in my life!

Spent the evening before I left with just family. Nothing better to end on :)

Here are some pics -
Ms. O - early morning play time :)
Relaxing at lunch :)

Love this baby SO much!
First time trying yogurt
BiaBia & Me
One of my best & me
Tessa & me
Court & me
Crew Love
My Sisters from another mister ;)
My friend Veera's little one - Ms. Sophie :)
Ms. O wearing my necklace
7 am start to drive back to Jerz :(
BEAUTIFUL isn't it :)
Little morning pick me up :)
Girls were like this unless....
She was over my shoulder creeping haha

Xoxo~ M

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