Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paleo Flow

Alycia at CrossFit Aspire is FABULOUS! She is always giving me the best information and advice.  Our box will be hosting some fun stuff come up --

  • Superhero Competition --> This Sunday we are having a in-house competition -- superhero style! haha! I honestly love my box and can't wait. It will be fun to compete against each other and hang out, push each other.

AND *drumroll please*

  • The 8th of September we are having a nutrition information session. I am very excited about this. I need to desperately change my eating and food habits.  After the session, we will have a 30-day Paleo challenge.  I honestly can't wait!  Alycia (in all her fabulousness *yes, I made that up*) recommended some good reading.  I've started with "It Starts With Food".  I am not that far in, but so far I am amazed at everything I have learned.
There is a lot to know about Paleo and I am trying my best.  I think my biggest weakness in my diet is my planning and food shopping.  I wish I had more time and someone who could help :)

Keep your fingers crossed -- I need to make my move to a better life and a healthier system.




  1. Good luck with the 30 day challenge!! I know you can do it!! :)