Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well Fed -- Paleo Recipes for People Who LOVE to Eat

Have you ever been to a book signing? I hadn't...till tonight! It was AWESOME.  Alycia informed us about the opportunity to meet Melissa Joulwan.  She is FANTASTIC! She is the author of the blog --> The Clothes Make the Girl and the paleo cook book -- Well Fed - Paleo Recipes for People Who LOVE to Eat.  I've been following her blog for a while now.  Her & her husband follow the Whole 30.  After the recommendation from Alycia I read the book "It Starts with Food"  by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig.  It was awesome and really helped me to see somethings that I do with food and steps I need to change.

Anyways - side step there -- Melissa Joulwan was awesome.  Super friendly and personable.  There were some food and snacks, Paleo of course :)  She then told us how she got to where she is.  Kinda of cool too because she also started with Weight Watchers. After that, she told us how she has done the Whole30 (which I start mine September 10th). She took questions from the crowd, gave us her favorite recipe from the book and some tips.

She was awesome! She also talked about the question and thoughts on girls and how they look at their self.  If you aren't happy with yourself, then nothing will matter.  There is not a set look.  I know the public tells us what we "should" look like, but if you are healthy and taking care of yourself, then you should be happy with that.  I look forward to keeping up with her journey and seeing where she goes (and me too!!).

Jill, Cathy, Melissa, Me & Alycia
How COOL is that!!!
Ok -- that is all for now! I will keep you posted on how the book works! Like she said - I'm starting simple the first week or two!! :)


  1. How fun! I would have felt like I was meeting a movie star!

    Thanks for sharing your write up of the evening.

  2. It was awesome and totally felt like meeting a celebrity. Ps love your blog :)