Sunday, August 5, 2012

Foodie Penpals

Oh I forgot to share my FUN news!!! So I found this pretty cool lady by the name of Lindsay on twitter.  You can also find her sweet blog over at The Lean Green Bean.  She has this awesome program called Foodie Penpals (<-- click there for full story or read on for my take haha).

Here is the deal, basically what happens is when you sign up, you will receive someone to send a package to and someone else will receive your name to send you a package. You find out on the 5th of each month and you have 3 days to connect with the person you are sending a package to.  Obviously, you want to find out their mailing address.  Plus you need to know if they have any food likes, dislikes, allergies, dietary restrictions, etc. so that you can put together a package with a variety of items (local foods, home made goodies, etc.). Your spending limit is $15 and you have to send your package by the 15th of the month.
On the last day of the month everyone writes a post (or writes when they get their box, but doesn't post till last day) about what they received and then links it up to Link Party on her blog.
This month, she had over 1300 people participating!!  We've already received our contact information for this month. The girl who has me emailed me this afternoon and I emailed my girl tonight.  Check back the end of the month, August 31st, to see what I sent her and what I received.
PS the girl that has me is from New Mexico so that could be fun! Can't wait to see what I get! Kinda nervous to back my box too! Talk about pressure!
xoxo ~ Melissa


  1. that sounds really cool. I'm excited to see what you get! :)

  2. i know I will love whatever you pick! yea!

  3. haha -- I hope you do! :) Nervous after checking out your page! You're WAY ahead of me on the health kick - I'm just learning and starting out!

  4. Now I'm feeling the pressure to send you a cool "New Mexican" package. I've got some good ideas so far. I'm excited!