Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Math?

Tell me that didn't make you smile :) Ah, summer is coming to an end. I have mixed emotions, technically I've only been out of school for 22 days since I taught summer school.  But here is what I know so far about this year:
  1. I LOVE my job -- honestly, I know people say that but don't really mean it.  I can not express in words how much I love working in my district and especially at my school. 
  2. I'm moving back up to middle school --> WootWoot!! This is amazing news!
  3. We have a new math program --> this could be good or bad right? Well, I think we have a lot of good potential in this program and I am excited to use it!!
  4. Last, but not least, I LOVE my staff --> we are fabulous! Summer school was great because I got to know more people that I don't typically know. I feel a lot better about being at school and can't wait to see how this year rolls now that we are all closer.
Ok - yes, I had to brag for a bit about school and how amazing it is! :)



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