Monday, August 6, 2012

Double Unders

So, you know what sucks? Waking up and not being able to walk. Kind of feels like 2 years ago when everything went down and walking didn't exist without crutches or a gimp for about 3-4 months...blah! In some shape or form I have tweaked my achilles over the weekend.  I have honestly not been in this much pain or this uncomfortable in a LONG time.  I started the day with about 30 minutes of torture with my Trigger Point gear (check their stuff out -- it is FANTASTIC).
At work today I was trying to think of what it could be.
          First thought --> upped mileage this weekend with the 8 on Saturday and then the springs with CrossFit Aspire on Sunday, but I have had NOTHING compared to this since training for the Rock-n-Roll.
          Second thought --> we got seeded shoes from Nike for the store last Thursday.  I wore them all shift Friday and all day Saturday without my Superfeet insert. BING.  I still really think this is the main cause. plus Sunday I wore flip flops (my montrails which are pretty good but not as good as the Superfeet sandals) and I think it was just OVERLOAD.

So with a whole day of Fleet Feet and an attempt at CrossFit, this is how I spent my evening...
yay! You know you love ice baths...wait you don't? They hurt like WOAH you say.  I will do whatever I can if it means I can walk normal tomorrow.  Plus, we are suppose to have a speed workout tomorrow with the group and the other coaches are out. It's just me, but I may just coach from the side. Hopefully I can squeak in a WOD in the am though :)

The BIG news for today is the little bit of class I did get tonight -- I learned about Double Unders and I got 4 :) and then I really couldn't walk, but I got them haha!!

That's really all for exciting news -- two sleeps till Knoxville.  Still trying to come up with stuff for my Foodie Penpals (click if you missed the post). Found out she is pretty fabulous, married to a triathlete and owns a healthy food business. Talk about NO PRESSURE. haha Check her out at Cotter Crunch!

The plus side is tomorrow Ohio State Football tickets go on sale -->
xoxo -- Melissa

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