Sunday, August 19, 2012

Only a 5K Left for My FFM Ladies

So, obviously Friday's drive did't go as plan.  My normally 10.5 hour drive took almost 13 HOURS!!! Minus me wanting to let Scarlet go run and play in the Baltimore traffic since she barked for most of the 1.5 hours we sat....side note -- I would never let that happen...I was MISERABLE. My back hurt, my wrist & arms were done.  I was OVER being in the car.  By the time I got home, I pretty much ate a salad and called it a night (after catching up on TrueBlood & Grimm...I'm slightly obsessed). All I could think of was our 10 miler in the am --

Wish I would have known that before I started haha -- Saturday morning came WAY quicker then I thought.  It was crappy our - that greyish cloudy semi-raining but not enough to really be a reason to not go. I almost texted Mike to be like - hey, I'm not coming.  But I thought that would be pretty silly.

I headed out for my 10 miles.  Lauren & Jen were my only girls who showed -- I warned them from the start that I would not be the best coach that morning.  My legs and hips were tight.  After the first few miles, I could instantly tell I had not had enough water (imagine that, not enough drinking on a car ride with limited bathroom breaks haha). My girls got me through those 10 miles.  We had a good conversation - always do.  And a bonus is I think Jen may join me at Disney in January for the full!!!!

So...heres the and life.  I have had some AWESOME compliments over the past week or two.  That I seem WAY happier with life, that I'm glowing, looking better, etc.  I am VERY appreciative of all the kind words -- I'm working my butt off and really trying to make it a lifestyle change.  Now for the other side -- if you do not like what I am doing, don't understand why I am changing, think I'm NUTS or "doing too much" -- please keep the thoughts to yourself.  I am doing this for ME! This is not about you and never was.  I was sick of living day by day and not being truly happy. If you want to join me or ask me questions - I'm all for it.  But do NOT come at me with all your negativity -- please, miss me with that.

That picture is stolen from a friend of a friend on twitter -- > I LOVE it. Pretty much sums life up.  I've done well with getting into the fitness plan.  Now, I need a LOT of nutrition help. Any thoughts or ideas, please share :)

Till next time

~ xoxo M

PS I am SO stoked to hit CrossFit Aspire tomorrow

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